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Mac’s Story

Mac’s Story

 Mac Greeman a healthy vibrant 14 year old, with a zest for life and a bright future.

 In the spring of 2013 Mac graduated eighth grade at Nativity of Mary School in Bloomington, Minnesota. That fall he began his high school adventure at Cretin Derham Hall High School in St. Paul.

 Mac was known by many as a trustworthy Boy Scout, a math wizard, a harmonious drummer and guitar player, an exceptional athlete, an accomplished snow boarder, sensational skateboarder, a “first draft” football player, fitness enthusiast, a quick-witted card dealer, an Armani Exchange fanatic, an adventurous traveler, and a loyal friend. He had a passion for G.T.L and the Jersey Shore. Mac was Privileged to experience commitment and pure joy as he embarked on a modeling career. He had a heart of gold, a deep compassionate voice and a beautiful smile. I think we can all see, there’s no doubt his future was bright. 

 On Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013, Mac embarked on his typical morning run. When he returned, he researched future modeling opportunities and helped prepare dinner. At noon Mac went to take a shower and get ready for company. His mother went to the door to hurry him along. When she received no response from him she opened the door but did not see his silhouette in the shower. As she opened the shower door she found Mac’s lifeless body in the fetal position on the floor. Despite her attempts at CPR, as well as the EMT’s and doctors at the hospital they could not save Mac’s life. 

An autopsy was performed but did not determine the cause of death. Mac’s heart was sent for further study; it was determined that a common virus found its way into his heart which led to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

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